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kitchen hours 11am - 9.45pm
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Hotel & Conferencecenter
Østerøvej 2
DK-5800 Nyborg

Tlf: +45 65 31 31 31 
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Conference department:
Direct tlf: +45 65 15 05 51

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Hotel & Conferencecenter
Østerøvej 2
DK-5800 Nyborg

Tlf: +45 65 31 31 31 
Fax +45 65 31 37 01

Conference department:
Direct tlf: +45 65 15 05 51
Welcome to
Denmark’s meeting place!

(view our Environmental Policy and our press release as a pdf file below)

NYBORG STRAND has been awarded the Green Key eco-award
As a guest of the hotel, you are a guest of a business that has always worked seriously hard on environment and sustainability, and now prides itself on being certified as a Green Key hotel (previously den Grønne Nøgle). Den Grønne Nøgle/Green Key is an eco-label.
An eco-label is a programme which involves companies meeting a number of specific environmental requirements in order to obtain the eco-label. In return for meeting the requirements, the companies are permitted to use the eco-label in their marketing.

Green Key is the eco-label for the tourist industry. This means that hotels, inns, holiday and training facilities, hostels, camping sites, holiday homes, restaurants and sports facilities are able to be awarded Den Grønne Nøgle.

To be awarded the Green Key requires that certain environmental requirements are met. Currently, criteria exist for all the above types of businesses within the tourism industry – you can read more about the criteria here.

Green Key has become an international eco-labelling organisation, at present represented in 16 countries (and with more countries on the way). As a result, its name was changed from Den Grønne Nøgle to Green Key. Following the name change has come a transitional phase, during which both the Danish and English names and logos will be used.

We will continue to emphasise our seamless package of quality, comfort and environmental responsibility in order to achieve a higher level.

We hope you will have a pleasant and environmentally friendly stay when visiting us. If you have any advice or ideas for further initiatives, we would love to hear from you.

Welcome to NYBORG STRAND - welcome to a hotel that wants to do something for the environment... 


  Environmental policy 2010
  Waste management plan Green Key 2014

The Art Foundation at NYBORG STRAND was established in connection with the inauguration of the new Multihus in 2007. At that time, the Faroese artist, Tróndur Patursson, was commissioned to decorate the interior space of the meeting house and complete the sculpture to be placed in front of the new creation.

In connection with the construction of the newest wing of rooms, which was completed in June 2010 and in harmony with the hotel's approach to art, for this wing, the Art Foundation commissioned the Slovakian artist Viera Collaro to decorate the new wing. Viera Collaro is renowned for her exciting use of light in her designs - see her artwork above this text.

The "heart" of the hotel, the reception in "Vandrehallen" underwent a minor refurbishment during summer 2009, where the ceilings were raised to allow more light to enter the space, which now appears bright and elegant.

In this light, the Art Foundation has invested in a trilogy by the artist, Poul Anker Bech. The three seasonal images depicted at the bottom of the page (click for a larger version), each measures 120 x 220 cm. The images adorn "Vandrehallen" facing the large meeting room and will hopefully serve as a festive and thoughtful input before and during each meeting.

It has also been decided that all 56 rooms in the "Skoven" (Forest) wing will be decorated with original lithographs by the artist Henrik Have. The motifs are coloured woodcuts on the theme "Gilgamesh" all 53 x 74 cm with related text leaves in the same format. Moreover, the work is dedicated to the composer, Per Nørgård, who premiered his Seventh Symphony in the new DR Byen Concert Hall where "Gilgamesh" was premiered simultaneously.

Appreciate good art at Denmark's Meeting Place...


muldvarpejaegere_l svaevende_sommer_l vinterdag_paa_stranden_l

In common with all responsible companies NYBORG STRAND cares about social and environmental conditions in the world of which we are part.
For us it is an ongoing process and a conscious choice to work with social and environmental issues. We want our social responsibility to be as transparent as possible and when we have the opportunity to help or take account in a responsible manner, this will always be a key consideration with regard to our conduct.

With regard to the environment, our goal is to emit as little carbon dioxide as at all possible, at present, NYBORG STRAND is 100% carbon neutral in terms of heating, and we are continually reducing the amount of unsorted waste per guest per night. We have reduced water consumption by over 10%, and our energy consumption has been reduced by over 20 % within the past year.

As stated, for us it is an ongoing process with which we have been working for many years, and it is a natural choice to take a moral stand in everything we do. Investment in environmental and energy improvements has, e.g. resulted in the installation of a new, modern CTS air conditioning system for controlling heating and ventilation, and we are also currently installing energy-saving LED lights, where possible, we have installed night-time heating reduction and both we and the environment are able to benefit from our recycling of cooling water / steam heat for heating the hotel's utility water. Behind the scenes, our waste sorting means that the waste takes up much less space, and everywhere, our cleaning staff have made significant efforts to reduce the consumption of environmentally harmful cleaning agents.

NYBORG STRAND is ready for electric cars
Hotel guests and conference delegates can charge their electric cars at NYBORG STRAND, where we have installed four charging stations for electric/hybrid cars.

The four charging stations that have been installed can charge four electric cars at a time, and a full charge will take six to eight hours. The charging stations are therefore ideal for charging overnight or during longer conferences.
The provision of the charging facility for holiday guests and conference delegates aligns well with our overall focus on climate and the environment, a focus which has already secured us the Green Key certification and a Green Star classification.

Consideration is key, both in terms of environmental concerns – a sustainable world, a good society in which to live - but also when it comes to care, care for EVERYONE, which includes providing the possibility of access for everybody. We are therefore engaged in an on-going dialogue with, which based on UN standard rules on equal opportunities for people with disabilities, focuses on the rights of disabled people to participate in all aspects of social life on an equal footing with everyone else. With the accession of the standard rules, the individual member nations, including Denmark , have undertaken to establish national action programmes aimed at making the physical environment accessible and provide access to data and information.

The need to travel without the need to worry, of course, depends on whether you are a wheelchair user, suffer from allergies or have impaired vision or hearing. Therefore, we must constantly keep up to date with what is needed. In order to ensure the highest possible standard, we have signed up to "Accessibility for Everyone" – it is a perfectly natural consideration.

And our efforts continue... We wish to be transparent at all times - you can count on it! 

In connection with a long-term vision plan, the hotel's board and management have decided to let three of the country's top architects draw up an appropriate architectural overall plan for the hotel.

The three selected architectural firms are as follows: Friis & Moltke, Arkitema and Årstiderne - the proposals were submitted to the Board and management team of NYBORG STRAND.

The idea behind creating an overall plan for the hotel is a natural extension of the desire to manifest the hotel's location as "Denmark's Meeting Place", through sound consolidation and through increasingly taking the hotel's future into consideration. This also includes the choice of the acquisition of a site of 25,000 m2 ideally situated by the motoway (closer to Hjulby) in Nyborg's new business district only 3 km from the hotel,as well as a dedicated amendment to the local plan for the area around the hotel.

The three proposals are all highly visionary and extremely exciting. Two of the architects were very specific in their vision for the future and after an exhilerating day with many ideas and subsequent discussion, the Board chose Friis & Moltke's proposal as the one the hotel wishes to proceed with.

Take a look at a couple of Friis & Moltke's sketches and look forward to being a guest at Denmark's Meeting Place some time in the future!


Vaerelsesfloej_closeup Vandrehal_udsigt Vignet_Boelge


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