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Kitchen hours 11am - 9.45pm
Book table tlf: +45 65 15 05 20

kitchen hours 11am - 9.45pm
Book table tlf: +45 65 15 05 21
Hotel & Conferencecenter
Østerøvej 2
DK-5800 Nyborg

Tlf: +45 65 31 31 31 
Fax +45 65 31 37 01

Conference department:
Direct tlf: +45 65 15 05 51

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Hotel & Conferencecenter
Østerøvej 2
DK-5800 Nyborg

Tlf: +45 65 31 31 31 
Fax +45 65 31 37 01

Conference department:
Direct tlf: +45 65 15 05 51
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In 1899 in Nyborg opened ” The new Seaside Hotel ”, what we today know as NYBORG STRAND – (Whole of) Denmark’s meeting place.
The hotel was designed by architect Schwanenflügel and build by three entrepeneurial business men who thought the location was just right. The first few years though the hotel experienced shifting owners and managers.

In 1913 the hotel was bought by The Danish Congregation to host the Nyborg Meeting, still known today as same, and the many Christian meetings the congregation hosted. Over the years the number of Christian meetings reduced and gave room for more commercial use, both hotel and events. The annual Nyborg Meeting is still hosted at Nyborg strand.

During WW2 the hotel accomodated Danish soldiers until August 1943 when German soldiers attacked and and took over the place. Not until three years later did the board get the rights to the hotel back and could start rebuilding the hotel which by then was in a useless condition and the grand meeting hall burned down.

Thanks to a resolute and well connected board, as well as a group of wealthy business people, the hotel re-opened in May 1948 as a beautiful and modernized hotel.

The hotel has expanded numerous times over the years, among others in 1998 when the new 200 people state of the art auditorium was inaugurated. 39 rooms were added in 2002 and in March 2006 another 16.

Additional meeting space of 2775m2 and a whole new entry area to the hotel was added in March 2007. On a continous basis the hotel is being refurbed and is therefore known as a modern conference hotel with customers from all businesses, associations and organisations both nationally and internationally.

Mid 2010 a separate wing with 56 hotel rooms was added and NYBORG STRAND thereby reached 350 rooms with 700 beds making it the largest hotel outside the capital. The meeting space was also increased as the ”Hallway” was extended to host even larger exhibitions as well the communal area and additional two lovely event rooms.

Mid 2013 additional 75 large single rooms (18m2) were added in the new Archway building and this brought the hotel capacity up to 426 rooms with 750 beds. On top of this, two meeting rooms were refurbed and turned into our ” meeting organisers lounge ” available for the conference hosts. This addition is to improve the environment for preparing and hosting large conferences ensuring calm surroundings close to the event host room focussing on perfect execution.

During the summer of 2014 we extended our banquet facilities towards Storebælt with a new building called ”The Terrace”. It was build as an integrated part of ”Glassalen” so this space now can host up to 564 guests.

In September 2015 our last major extention of the conference and event space was completed. Our largest conference room (ABC measuring 1.000m2) was extended by 500m2 which gives space for additional 30 exhibition spots as well as even better facilities for workshops, presentations and conferences.

In 2017 we completet a 500m2 amazing ”Fit & Relax” area for our residents guests when needing to be spoiled or simply relaxing.

This positive development and amazing story is set to continue many years ahead.

In the reception you can borrow our 100 year anniversary book and read more indepth stories and fun anexdotes

NYBORG STRAND is owned by a shareholding company in which all shares are held in the Nyborg Strand Foundation.

As part of the 2020 Visionplan the hotel board and management decided further extention to the facilities.

A DKK 26 mio refurb of the pool area into a 500m2 ”Fit & Relax” area for our resident guests. To be completed mid January 2018.04.02

Building a new kitchen, 1.200 m2, worth DKK 60 mio to be started in end 2018 for completion January 2020.

On top of this we have plans for a new meeting space with extra meeting rooms, a new lobby bar as well as refurbing the rooms in the oldest part of the hotel. And we will not stop here....

We look forward to offer you a hearty welcome as a guest at Denmark’s meeting place!


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