Nyborg Strand 70

Responsibility and sustainability

Responsibility and sustainability

We take responsibility at Nyborg Strand. For the environment, for each other, and for the society that surrounds us. Care, charity, and loving our neighbor is deeply rooted in our DNA, and over time we have come to write down and formalize the changes we want to make at and around our beloved hotel.

We have come down to three focus areas that we have set ambitious goals for. Our green transition, the wellbeing of our employees, and our social responsibility. We will probably keep raising the bar for these goals for as long as we exist.


Our green transition

We are one of Denmark’s largest conference hotels, and that comes with a responsibility of doing things in a more sustainable way. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Our size means that our efforts make a difference, and our finances allow us to invest where it matters.

For instance, we have recently invested in intelligent lighting and smart temperature controls, and we have upgraded 100 circulation pumps which all in all saves us 750,000 kWh. A year. We anticipate that we will save more than 1,100,000 kWh a year once our solar project is up and running. And you can expect that we will never stop looking for places to save energy – without cutting the comfort of our guests.

Sustainability is also a key ingredient in our kitchens as well as in our décor. Our new rooms, that are part of our ongoing restauration, are furnished with interior made from sustainably sourced materials. A lot of the furniture is made from recycled materials, and all of it has the proper certificates and seals of approval.

In the kitchens and on the menus, you will find that our ingredients are locally sourced to the widest extend possible. This is luckily not a bad thing here in Funen, seeing that we are blessed with some truly talented farmers, butchers, and providers of all sorts of delicacies. All our menus are seasonal, and you will find that greens are much more than a garnish here. We use everything we can from our ingredients, and all our organic waste is made into biogas.

Our efforts have awarded us with a Horesta Green Key Certificate that we are extremely proud of. But our quest continues.