Our history

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Our history



The New Seaside Hotel


In May 1899, Nyborg's "Det nye Badehotel" opened its doors, later known as Nyborg Strand. Designed by architect Schwanenflügel and built by three industrious businessmen from the city, they found the location perfect. However, the hotel's early years were tumultuous. The 31 rooms often stood empty, and the initial 14 years involved sales, forced auctions and leasing on behalf of the mortgage association.

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The Danish Congregation


Interestingly, it was the church that became the hotel's salvation. In 1913, some people from the community surrounding one of the era's significant church gatherings purchased Nyborg Strand. The year before, the hotel had hosted a large meeting with 1,200 visitors and 400 locals, truly living up to its potential. Subsequently, the event came to be known as the "Nyborg Meeting" birthing a strong tradition.

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Expansion and Renewal


Nyborg Strand struggled during the US financial crisis, which created unrest across much of the Western world. Since the early 1920s and many years thereafter, various Christian organizations raised funds for modernization and maintenance. By 1930, the hotel had 550 beds, dining space for 1145 and several meeting rooms accommodating up to 1100 people.

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World War II


The hotel expanded with funds collected from congregations in the Danish National Church and from Nyborg Strand's ecclesiastical roots, a strong community grew. However, this community faced a major challenge during World War II. Initially used to house Danish soldiers, the hotel was later overtaken by Germans in August 1943 when cooperation policies ceased, and unfortunately, they treated the hotel harshly.

Thus, Nyborg Strand was in dire straits after the war, but through diligence and skill, the new management managed to revive the place.

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Danish Business


Since the 1960s, Danish business underwent significant evolution, prompting companies to host conferences and seminars. Nyborg Strand quickly adapted to this changing landscape, attracting a fresh wave of secular clientele. This pivotal shift marked the initiation of Nyborg Strand's ascent to prominence as one of Denmark's premier conference hotels.

Udvidelse Og Fornyelse

Physical Expansion


The hotel expanded numerous times over the years— notably in April 1998, with a brand-new auditorium accommodating 200 people and state-of-the-art equipment. In 2002, 39 new rooms were added and in March 2006, another 16 rooms were completed.

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Nyborg Strand Today


Today, Nyborg Strand stands as more than just a venue for the church; it serves as a gathering place for the entire nation of Denmark. Boasting 422 hotel rooms and over 35 meeting and conference rooms, we firmly establish ourselves among the nation's premier conference hotels. We take great pride in our loyal guests, who return year after year to experience our hospitality.

As a foundation-owned establishment, Nyborg Strand is committed to preserving its heritage and facilitating meaningful Christian gatherings both now and in the future.

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