21040 Hotel Nyborg Strand 123

Who are we?

Nyborg Strand - where Denmark meets in the middle

We have been the place where people and opinions have met for generations, and that is a legacy that we carry proudly. We have attracted guests from near and far for almost a century before the Storebælt bridge opened – now it has just become easier.

Today, Nyborg Strand is one of Denmark’s largest conference hotels, but we are still driven by the same strong values that lead us to our position at the top of our field.

The recipe for our success has been more or less the same all the way through. A foundation of strong values, a great location, and last but not least a great deal of respect for the people who join us – guests and coworkers alike. If you ask us again in 125 years our recipe will probably still be the same – and the guests equally pleased.

Because Nyborg Strand is where Denmark meets in the middle.