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At Nyborg Strand, you can relax, have fun and make wonderful memories. Our hotel has everything you need for a great stay, whether you are here for meetings, conferences, holidays or an overnight stay. There are lots of things to see and do nearby, and our hotel is in a great location to explore the interesting places in Fyn and Zealand. Get ready for a fantastic time here!


Gorilla Park

In Gorilla Park, you will experience a roaring adventure as you swing through the wildest challenges in the treetops, just like a true gorilla!

In addition to regular climbing, a wide range of events are offered. Feel the rush in the treetops of the forest and be challenged both mentally and physically as you immerse yourself in being a gorilla for a day!

Swing from tree to tree in true jungle style. However, we've replaced the somewhat fragile vines with sturdy metal wires, giving you the exact same thrill while being a much safer alternative to the jungle's vines.

Gorilla Park 
Rødmevej 45
5771 Stenstrup

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Egeskov Castle

Since 1554, Egeskov Castle has risen from the cold waters of the moat. Even today, one can feel the whisper of history when visiting the old castle. Egeskov's garden and park are extraordinary. Three hundred years of garden history are still visible with kilometers of beech hedges and fantastic garden spaces.

Egeskov slot
Egeskov Gade 18
5772 Kværndrup

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Nyborg Voldspil

It all began in 1939 when the cornerstone of Nyborg's greatest cultural event of all time was laid, with the first "Voldspil" coming to light.

The city's then-headmaster, Johannes Høirup, had experienced the famous passion plays in Oberammergau, Germany, which are outdoor plays with religious content. This greatly inspired him and gave him the idea to return home and try to create an outdoor play here in the city. It was to be about Nyborg's dramatic and exciting history.

Today, a new Voldspil is staged every summer under the open sky. Find more information on their website.

Nyborg Voldspil
5800 Nyborg
Tlf : 65 31 64 44 

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Odense ZOO

Get up close to the tiger, witness animal training, majestic lions and playful chimpanzees. Experience tropical downpours and manatees, and finish with a shiver among the penguins.

A day in the world of animals offers unique moments where you just exist. Close to nature. Close to the animals. Close to adventure.

Odense Zoo
Søndre Boulevard 306
5000 Odense C

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Nyborg Marina

Nestled at the base of the picturesque Nyborg Fjord, beneath one of Denmark's most awe-inspiring architectural wonders, lies the heart of Nyborg – often referred to as Denmark's Heart.

Nyborg Marina is the largest harbor section with approximately 500 boat berths. The marina buzzes with activities and quality of life. Both tourists and local residents often frequent the area. In the marina, there are several barbecue areas, as well as a playground for children. You will find a variety of clubs and associations housed in the marina, including sailing clubs, motorboat clubs, rowing clubs, diving clubs and small boat clubs.

Nyborg Marina
Havnepromenaden 8
5800 Nyborg
Tlf : 63 33 70 83

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Nyborg Church

Nyborg Church – also known as Our Lady's Church – was constructed between 1388 and 1428. It was dedicated to the mother of Jesus, Mary, on Pentecost Sunday in 1428 by Bishop Navne Jensen Krigebusk.

Vor Frue Kirke, Nyborg
Gammel Torv 1
5800 Nyborg

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The Funen Village

A stroll through The Funen Village feels like a journey back to the countryside during the era of the poet H.C. Andersen. The museum features a collection of farms and houses, each originating from villages across Funen and the surrounding islands.

Here, an authentic atmosphere has been meticulously recreated, showcasing the distinctive half-timbered architecture of Funen amidst flourishing gardens, quaint fences, lively livestock, village ponds, and bustling streets, all set against a backdrop of cultivated fields.

Den Fynske Landsby
Sejerskovvej 20
5260 Odense S

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The course features 18 holes of varying difficulty levels, catering to everyone looking to combine competition, fun, and enjoyable socializing.

Nyborg Minigolf is open seasonally, from April to October.

Harevænget 4-6
5800 Nyborg
Tlf : 60141460

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Borgmestergården in Nyborg houses a museum with a local history collection set in a well-preserved Renaissance-era merchant's house. The exhibition includes furniture in Baroque and Empire styles, a farmhouse interior, artisan tools, toys, clockmaker and painter workshops, a veterinarian's pharmacy, a schoolroom, a collection of weapons and more.

Slotsgade 11
5800 Nyborg
Tlf : 65 31 02 07

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Fjord & Bælt Centret

Fjord & Bælt is a combined tourist attraction and research institution located at the entrance to Kerteminde Fjord.

The center's purpose is to convey life in the inner Danish waters through research, exhibitions, educational services and activities. The main attraction is three harbor porpoises, making Fjord & Bælt one of the very few places in the world where visitors can see these whales up close.


Fjord & Bælt Centret
Margrethes Plads 1
5300 Kerteminde
Tlf : 62 23 30 80

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Nyborg Castle

Nyborg Castle was founded around 1170, and its significance in Danish history is undeniable.

Today, visitors can explore the Danehof Hall, the historic room where the king actually met with his parliament during the Middle Ages, and where Denmark's first constitution was signed.

Nyborg Castle
Slotsgade 34
5800 Nyborg
Tlf : 65 31 02 07

>>> Watch a movie about the castle here 

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Tidens Samling

Tidens Samling in Odense is like stepping into the past century of Denmark. You will find interiors, clothes and everyday items that paint a vivid picture of life in the 20th century. It's a place where you can connect with history, creating your own story as you explore the exhibits and atmosphere. Perfect for all ages, it's a journey back in time for everyone to enjoy.

Tidens Samling
Farvergården 7, 3. sal
5000 Odense C
Tlf : 65 91 19 42 

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Strandvænget Park og Playground

The 16-hectare garden and park, situated directly by the Great Belt, offer sensory experiences for all age groups. The terrain is diverse, featuring various environments with perennials, bulbs, summer flowers, shrubs and tree plantations. The park boasts over 4 km of wheelchair-friendly paths and direct access to a child-friendly beach. There are playgrounds with balance beams and climbing frames, as well as animal enclosures with rabbits, goats, chickens and ducks.

Strandvænget Park og legeplads
Strandvænget 1
5800 Nyborg

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Valdemars Castle

Valdemars Castle has opened its doors to its private home to share the history of the castle and the surrounding buildings, as well as the story of the family who has owned the place for 12 generations.

They have endeavored to provide visitors with a multitude of family-friendly and enriching experiences, all infused with historical grandeur and authentic South Funen ambiance. The venue's diverse facilities and the surrounding nature offer a plethora of exceptional sensory experiences, and it is our sincere wish that no one leaves the area without feeling enriched – there is something here for both the soul and the mind.

Valdemars Castle
Slotsalléen 100
5700 Svendborg

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Tennis courts

Nyborg Sports & Leisure Center features 6 outdoor and 2 indoor tennis courts.

For further information, please contact them directly.

Storebæltsvej 15
5800 Nyborg
Tlf : 65 31 17 25 

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Naturama succeeds Svendborg Zoological Museum, which for 70 years was Fyn's officially recognized natural history museum. The museum told the story of Denmark's wildlife past and present. Naturama revolutionizes the traditional approach to presenting natural history. Modern technology breathes life into natural history through drama, staging, and nature itself. Naturama is inspired by the natural history museums in Paris and Naturalis in Leiden, Holland.

Dronningemaen 30
5700 Svendborg

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Sct. Knuds Golf Club

The club was inaugurated in 1954, making it one of Denmark's oldest courses. Part of the beautiful and attractive course is situated directly along Nyborg Fjord. The club offers a new clubhouse, built in 2009, with all modern facilities.

You have the option to purchase a Greenfee at the reception of Nyborg Strand, which can help you save money.

Sct. Knuds Golf Club
Slipshavnsvej 16
5800 Nyborg

Sct. Knuds Golfklub
Shopping in Nyborg

Nyborg's city center features two shopping streets - Kongegade & Nørregade. Discover numerous of unique specialty shops, as well as well-known stores such as H&M, Matas, Intersport, Tøjeksperten and more.

Nyborg City Center
Kongegade & Nørregade
5800 Nyborg

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- a climbing forest in the heart of Odense (from 5 years old).

At GoMonkey Odense you can dive into 7 climbing courses at different heights and difficulty levels and look forward to their numerous zip lines. Feel your pulse rise as you leap into free fall from their jump tower or 'bounce' around in their cool tree trampoline nets as wildly as you like, while enjoying the view of the climbing courses and green areas. Their trampoline nets, which they call "bounce" have high walls so everyone can safely tumble around - "Bounce" is included in the price when you book climbing and is a great introduction to being in the heights.

End the day by jumping out from their 17-meter-high jump tower - then the day is properly concluded.

During the day, you can also relax in their cozy cafe area - where you can sit indoors or outdoors - covered or under the open sky.

There is free parking right by the park.

Go Monkey
Stærmosegårdsvej 57
5230 Odense M

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Johannes Larsen Museum

In 1901, the artist couple Alhed and Johannes Larsen built their home on Møllebakken in Kerteminde. With this, they not only created a picturesque setting for their family life but also a hospitable artistic meeting place for painters, writers and sculptors.

This sanctuary for art and culture left its mark on the development of cultural life in Denmark for decades. After Johannes Larsen's death in 1961, his daughter-in-law lived on Møllebakken and when she passed away in 1984, the villa was transferred to the Kerteminde Museum, which opened the Johannes Larsen Museum in 1986.

Johannes Larsen Museet
Margrethes Plads 1
5300 Kerteminde
Tlf : 65 32 11 77

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Nyborg Swimming Center

Bring the family along and visit Nyborg's swimming and bathing center, where both fun and relaxation await. You will find 2 pools of 25 meters, diving boards of 1 and 3 meters, play equipment for children, a special children's pool with warm water, sauna, hot tub, a 34-meter-long water slide, facilities for disabled individuals with warm water, baby swimming and a fitness center.

Nyborg Badeland
Storebæltsvej 13, 5800 Nyborg
Tlf : 65 31 17 25

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Veteran Ship M/S Helge

Join the veteran ship M/S Helge on a unique sailing trip and experience Southern Funen and Svendborg Sound from its most beautiful side. Enjoy the salty sea breeze while admiring the stunning scenery of forests, beaches and the coziest little harbors.

Veteranskibet M/S Helge
Jessens Mole 6
5700 Svendborg
Tlf : 62 23 30 80


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H.C. Andersens House

In the old town of Odense lies the birthplace of the fairy tale poet. H.C. Andersen's House opened in 1908 as a museum dedicated to the poet's life and work, making it one of the world's oldest poet museums. The exhibitions take you back to the time from which H.C. Andersen's works originated. You are introduced to the man H.C. Andersen, his characteristic appearance and his mind. The poet's creative range is showcased through his drawings and cuttings, and in the library, you get an impression of his extensive literary work, as well as the global dissemination of his works.

H. C. Andersens hus
Bangs Boder 29
5000 Odense C

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Carl Nielsen Museum

The Carl Nielsen Museum is dedicated to the composer Carl Nielsen and his wife, the sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. The museum presents the lives and works of these two artists. The exhibition is arranged chronologically, telling the story of two remarkably independent artists who, both together and individually, made significant contributions to Danish cultural life.

Carl Nielsen Museet
Claus Bergs Gade 11
5000 Odense C

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